We help customers select the right glove for the job


For over 35 years, our dedicated team of industry experts have consistently delivered top-quality hand protection and helped ensure you have the right glove for the job.

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Expect your product to be available with 98%+ fill rates driven by our commitment to customer success.                  



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Rest assured with our 100% in-person factory inspections of every shipment.                 





Be confident that your gloves are manufactured in ethically managed factories and meet required compliance standards.




Get industry expert guidance and dedicated support from customer-focused teams.




We help customers improve workplace safety through hand protection.

Disposable Glove Market Segments

Food Service
Janitorial and Sanitation

AMMEX® is the leading supplier of gloves with
Raised Diamond Texture

Disposable gloves with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) feature 60% more surface area to channel away liquids for increased grip and performance.

Download our whitepaper and learn why users love gloves with Raised Diamond Texture.

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We help customers select the right glove for the job.