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Anyone can sell you gloves. AMMEX helps you sell more gloves.

AMMEX is the premier importer and vendor of high-quality disposable gloves and other barrier protection products.
Our focus is to support wholesale distributors with top-quality products and proven marketing support to grow their glove sales.

It’s personal. Wearing gloves is a personal experience; it’s tactile and unique for every application and industry. When you put on a pair of gloves, you want it to feel natural.

Disposable gloves should be there to make your job safer and easier, not hinder your work.

The relationships we have with our partners are just as personal. Let’s face it, disposable gloves don’t sell themselves. That’s why it’s not enough to have product, you need the tools and resources to drive great impressions in person and online. Most importantly, you need a vendor ready to provide you with that support. You need a partner that’s excited to join your team.

At AMMEX, we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their glove sales. We know it takes more than product to be profitable and that is one of the reasons our representatives build long-lasting relationships with our distributors.

8 Reasons to Partner With AMMEX

  • Proven Track Record: At AMMEX, we know gloves! Our goal is helping distributors build their profits while they build their business. Our Sales Acceleration Solution is a unique program designed to supercharge your sales!
  • Marketing Support: We provide the kind that delivers results. Our Sales Acceleration Solution®, personalized flyers, glove charts, and chemical resistance charts—as well as digital marketing and social media content—will help promote your glove line and drive your business.
  • Free Samples: We encourage letting your customers try before they buy. It’s one of the most dependable ways of building sales—we’re confident that your customers will prefer the fit, feel, protection, and value of AMMEX gloves.
  • Become a Glove Expert: We encourage letting your customers try before they buy. It’s one of the most dependable ways of building sales—we’re confident that your customers will prefer the fit, feel, protection, and value of AMMEX gloves.
  • Nationwide Distribution: Our bicoastal warehousing means you can count on prompt delivery of your order.
  • Quality Control: Ours is top-notch. The long relationships we’ve maintained with our network of manufacturers ensures you’re getting the highest-quality gloves in the industry.
  • AMMEX is Hassle-Free!: We’re confident that this program will work for your company. AMMEX offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for starting or new product orders. We will even pick it up!
  • Outstanding Service:Have a question? We are here to help! We can answer questions as well as provide product recommendations to make certain that your customers select the best possible glove for their application.

Businesses face big opportunities every day — it’s how quickly and effectively they respond that determines their level of success.

Having the right partner is vital for growth. Take advantage of the unique sales support services offered by our Sales Acceleration Solution®. When you partner with AMMEX you get much more than a supplier: you get top-quality products, competitive prices, outstanding service, and proven marketing support.

Contact Alfred Fraccola at afraccola@ammex.com or 866-636-1414 to Grow Your Glove Sales® today!

The Sales Acceleration Solution® from AMMEX is a proven program to boost your top and bottom line. You’ll get 50% more sales with a sample and a flyer than you would with anything else.

How do you do that? Get engaged with your customers. It all starts with sample kits, which AMMEX provides for each of your sales reps to take into the field.

Each sample kit comes with a bundle of custom flyers, a laminated glove chart, and samples of the glove lineup you carry. The chart is important for your sales staff—one side lists your products along with descriptions and codes to make ordering easier. The reverse side has more than 145 of the most common chemicals and which glove material is right for each.

We give distributors more support, tools, and resources to reach more customers, tap into more opportunities, and grow more sales.

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Our Gloveworks® HD raised diamond texture suite is ideally suited for moisture-rich environments, such as working with oils, lubricants, or brake fluid. Following widespread success with our orange gloves, the color that launched first, we have expanded this lineup to a suite of four colors.

Get a grip with Gloveworks® HD nitrile gloves

With so many disposable glove options, it can be hard to figure out which disposable gloves you should recommend to your automotive industry customers.

Just remember, automotive technicians have three primary concerns when it comes to their gloves:

  1. Puncture Resistance
  2. Chemical Protection
  3. High level of dexterity

Learn which gloves are best for the Automotive work