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There are no easy jobs on a farm—workers need disposable gloves they can depend on. Nitrile delivers excellent protection from chemicals, while vinyl is the right choice for tasks that require frequent glove changes. Sales opportunities in the glove category are always sprouting—don’t miss out!

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Partners with nature

Working with the earth, with seeds and chlorophyll and water and air and sun, is an eternally satisfying pursuit, one that has captured man’s heart, mind, and soul for millennia. There is a quiet, meditative quality to the sowing and the reaping to produce a bounty that sustains life well beyond the growing season. As we dig, we reveal; as we cover, we protect and sustain. The cycle begins anew.

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Protection solutions

Agricultural workers need first-rate barrier protection for handling herbicides and disinfectants, and dealing with contaminated soil. Farm machinery from tractors to harvesters must be kept running smoothly. While heavy-duty nitrile gloves are the perfect protection solution, a number of tasks can be accomplished with lighter-weight nitrile gloves at an economical price.

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