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AMMEX’s premier selection of exam-grade gloves that meet FDA standards.

Why AMMEX Professional?

AMMEX Professional gloves provide exam-grade protection in a variety of clinical applications.

They are a great fit in dental, medical, and light-industrial applications.

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High-performance, high-margin products

We enable you to unlock high-growth opportunities within your account base using our high-margin disposable gloves.

Effective sales and marketing support

We offer you samples, expert training materials, digital marketing assets, and systematic guides on how to successfully launch our disposable gloves program.

Access to
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If you or your customers ever have questions related to disposable gloves, we support you with on-demand one-on-one consultation.

Common Industries and Applications





Food Service


What are exam grade gloves?

Exam grade, also known as medical grade, are products that have been tested and approved to protect against standard levels of bloodborne pathogens and contaminants. Exam grade gloves have a specific AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) and undergo more rigorous testing than industrial grade gloves. Exam grade gloves are non-sterile and should not be used for surgical applications.

We help customers select the right glove for the job.