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Animal Health

Healthier lives

As stewards of this planet, it is imperative that we humans give the best care possible to our friends in the animal kingdom. Use of disposable gloves in nitrile, latex, and vinyl has become more common in animal care because gloves can help prevent the spread of bacteria and zoonotic diseases.

Heavenly creatures

The equine-human link is strong and ancient. Always among the noblest of beasts, horses have served man for thousands of years, as transportation and machinery of burden, as beloved friend and trusted companion. We care deeply for those animals that define and strengthen us, from a simple currying of the coat to the advanced care they require and deserve. It is our duty, and we do it without reservation.

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Protection solutions

Whenever a worker tends to a new animal, gloves must be changed—and hands washed—to prevent the spread of disease. Vinyl gloves work well when there is a large number of animals involved, because in addition to strength and comfort they offer great value. From bovine to canine, feline, or any other animal family, protecting our fellow creatures (and ourselves) from pathogens and disease must be a top priority.

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