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The Gloveworks® edge

Auto technicians prefer Gloveworks® HD! They’re extra thick for protection from harsh chemicals, and the raised diamond texture channels away liquids for a fantastic grip when working with tools.

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Untapped potential

When you’re a sales rep for an auto parts supplier, having a steady territory can be a sweet gig. You fill orders for high-ticket items, you make your side profit from lubricants, solvents, and other chemicals. But are you really reaching your potential? Including disposable gloves in your ancillary line can shift profit into high gear—especially when you sell to shops where auto techs don’t currently wear gloves.

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Time to get tough

Gloveworks® HD nitrile gloves with raised diamond texture are made for the automotive industry. Nitrile provides excellent barrier protection, especially against petroleum-based chemicals. With an 8-mil or a 6-mil thickness, they stand up to abrasions and are three times more puncture resistant than latex. The raised diamond texture aggressively channels away liquids for an awesome grip.

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