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Beauty and Salon Services

Looking good!

The beauty industry and vinyl disposable gloves are a great fit for each other. Vinyl gloves have everything salon workers want: They’re comfortable, have a loose fit—and they offer tremendous value.

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Always stylin’

Hair and nail salons as an industry generate more than $50 billion annually in the U.S. alone. But when you’re getting a perm or highlights or a new set of fills, you’re not concerned with statistics—you want to know how awesome you’re going to look. Our salon workers primp and pamper us, taking great care to ensure that we feel our beauty is always on display. Nothing beats looking fabulous, and knowing it!

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Time to get tough

AMMEX vinyl gloves offer a versatile and economical alternative to other glove materials. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they contain no latex and will not aggravate latex allergies — yet our stretch synthetic vinyl has a fit and feel to rival that of latex. Nail technicians will also appreciate our Ear Loop and N95 face masks, which make breathing easier when manicure-related chemicals are used.

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