When people hear the word “logo”, they usually just think of one version of a logo, the one known as the primary logo. The primary logo is what’s used in most circumstances and is easily recognizable and the most familiar. Therefore, you can think of the primary logo as the official stamp of your brand.

This is the primary logo for AMMEX. Being that this will be the most visible and most used version of the brand, the design elements described in this guide are to be adhered to at all times.

This is to ensure consistent branding across all marketing collaterals.

AMMEX logo

HEX Code:  #03528b
RGB: 3  82  139
CMYK: 98  41  0  45

HEX Code:  #007934
RGB: 4  122  64
CMYK: 97  0  48  52

AMMEX logo
Primary Logo
on White Background

This is our primary logo colourway, and it should only be used with White, bright or light background colors or photography. Never use this logo when any of the two main colors are lost by the background element.

Black AMMEX logo
Black Logo
on White Background

On single color compositions with light backgrounds, use the AMMEX logo in one color black. Always exercise prioritizing contrast and visibility when choosing which version of AMMEX logo to use for designs and compositions.

White AMMEX logo
White Logo
on Dark Background

Use this logo version on dark backgrounds and when the main theme of the composition or photography is leaning towards dark tones to maintain high contrast and branding visibility.

White AMMEX logo
White Logo on Gradient Background

Use the one-color pure white logo when you have to place the logo over the official and approved AMMEX blue gradient. This version provides the best contrast and visibility for the brand.

Logo Proportions

In order to protect the main visual cue for our brand which is the logo, and to be able to detect alterations or attempts at copying the logo, please use the illustration on the right as guide to following ratios and proportions of the elements of the AMMEX logo.

Never change these proportions.

Exclusion Zone

To determine the amount of space needed around the logo, the size of the letter “A” on the AMMEX logo is used as the guide to define the areas where no other elements from other text or other logos are allowed to cross over. This area is holy ground for the AMMEX logo where no other content is allowed to be in.

Vinyl Disposable gloves In-use image Food Service

Minimum Size

Minimum logo size is at 125px wide

Logo Don'ts

Do not alter the official AMMEX logo colors.

logo don'ts

Do not put an outline on the logo.

logo don'ts

Do not modify or recreate the provided logo artwork.

AMMEX logo

Do not place the logo on backgrounds with low contrast and busy patterns that cause low visibility.

logo don'ts

Do not squish or stretch the proportions of the AMMEX logo even on animations.

logo don'ts

Do not layer any content on top of the logo.

logo don'ts

Do not change AMMEX logo orientation or rotation.

logo don'ts

Do not use transitioning or gradient colors on any part of the logo.

Do not in any way alter or skew the AMMEX logo.