Enter to win a care package from Gloveworks® and ChrisFix!

ChrisFix, everyone’s favorite guru of all things automotive, is a YouTube personality with 4 million followers. His videos are viewed all over the world and help millions of people keep their cars in top shape. ChrisFix uses Gloveworks HD, and so could you! Watch as ChrisFix unboxes the Gloveworks Care Package filled with his favorite raised diamond textured gloves. Sign up now and you may be 1 out of the 4 lucky winners!

Chris will be at SEMA 2018
Gloveworks booth #52140, Performance Pavilion
October 31st 10:30am- 11:30am.

Video: Watch above as Chris Fix unboxes the Gloveworks® Care Package filled with raised diamond texture, heavy-duty nitrile gloves!