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Dental professionals take their disposable gloves seriously. When you spend all day with your fingers in people’s mouths, having first-rate barrier protection against pathogens is essential. AMMEX’s nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves offer a number of options that deliver both strength and comfort. Go ahead, bite—we’ll help you Grow Your Glove Sales®!

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Brush after eating

Without our intrepid dentists and dental hygienists, where would we be? Full of cavities and toothaches, and unable to grin and bear it, lest we show off our unhappy, toothless smiles. From cleaning to drilling to filling—and, heaven forbid, pulling—they do it all, along with reminding us to brush longer and, of course, floss only the teeth we want to keep. Remember them at the holidays, but only with flowers, please: no candy.

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For years, latex was the gold standard in medical and dental gloves, but that has been changing for more than a decade, thanks to increased awareness of latex allergies. Nitrile is stronger and more puncture resistant than latex, with nearly as precise a fit. Another alternative is vinyl, made of top-quality PVC. It’s the most affordable material, yet still offers excellent protection.

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