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At AMMEX, we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their glove sales. We know it takes more than product to be profitable and that is one of the reasons our representatives build long-lasting relationships with our distributors.

Through our Sales Acceleration Solution (SAS) program, we provide partners with support in 4 key areas:

  1. Industry-Specific Sales Training: Regular coaching calls, training videos, and live seminars that are curated to your industry and business model.

  2. Personalized Marketing Materials: Personalized flyers and sample kits gives your sales representatives all the material they need to close the deal.

  3. Digital Media & Content: Access to hundreds of images and carefully crafted written content makes it easy to take your digital marketing to the next level.

  4. Profit Growth: Partners who take full advantage of our sales and marketing support see an average of 32.6% increase in revenue year over year.

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Here you will have access to hundreds of images as well as sales and marketing tools to help you grow your glove sales.

What’s Inside:

  • Product Images
  • Product Videos
  • Product Details
  • Blog Articles
  • Infographics
  • AMMEX Logos
  • Trade Marketing
  • Training Videos
  • Chemical Resistance Chart
  • Grow Your Glove Sales Video

Access your free downloadable marketing resources via the Partner Portal. Sign in or Request Partner Access

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AMMEX’s Sales Acceleration Solution® is a proven system for growing your glove sales. By providing sales and marketing materials and training, and utilizing numerous best practices—as well as real-world examples of business success—it prepares you to build your glove sales and realize higher profits.

Learn more about our partner support program!

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Chemical Resistance Chartback to top

Chemical Resistance Latex Nitrile Vinyl
Chemical Resistance Latex Nitrile Vinyl
1,4-Dioxane, 99.9%Limited UseNot RecommendedLimited Use
2-ButoxyethanolNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
2-EthoxyethanolNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Acetaldehyde, 99.5%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Acetic AcidRecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Acetone, 99.5%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Acetonitrile, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Acrylic Acid, 99%RecommendedLimited UseNot Rated
Ammonium Fluoride, 40%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Ammonium Hydroxide, 85%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Amyl Acetate, 100%Not RecommendedNot RecommendedLimited Use
Amyl Alcohol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Aniline, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedLimited Use
Animal FatsNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Aqua RegiaNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Battery AcidRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Benzaldehyde, 99.5%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Recommended
BenzeneNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Benzyl ChlorideLimited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
BromineRecommendedNot RatedRecommended
Bromopropionic Acid, Sat.RecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
ButaneNot RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Butyl Acetate, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedRecommended
Butyl Alcohol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Butyl Cellosolve, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Butyrolactone, 99%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Rated
Calcium HypochloriteNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Carbolic AcidNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommended
Carbon DichlorideNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Carbon Disulfide, 99.9%Limited UseLimited UseNot Recommended
Carbon Tetrachloride, 99%Not RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Castor OilNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Cellosolve Acetate, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Cellosolve SolventRecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
ChloroacetoneLimited UseNot RatedNot Recommended
ChloroformNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
ChloronaphalenesNot RatedLimited UseNot Rated
Chlorothene VGNot RatedLimited UseNot Recommended
Chromic Acid, 50%Not RecommendedLimited UseRecommended
Citric Acid, 10%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Cottonseed OilNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
CreosolNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
CuneneNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Cutting OilLimited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
CyclohexaneNot RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Cyclohexanol, 98%Limited UseRecommendedRecommended
Di-Isobutyl Ketone, 80%Limited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
Diacetone Alcohol, 99%Limited UseRecommendedLimited Use
DiamineNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Dibutyl Phthalate, 99%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Diethyl EtherLimited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
Diethylamine, 99%Not RecommendedLimited UseNot Recommended
Dimethyl Acetamide, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Rated
Dimethyl Sulfoxide, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Dioctyl Phthalate, 99%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
Epichlorohydrin, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Rated
EthanolNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Ethyl Acetate, 99%Limited UseLimited UseNot Recommended
Ethyl Alcohol, 90%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Ethyl Ether, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Ethyl Glycol Ether, 99%Limited UseLimited UseNot Rated
Ethylene DichlorideNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Ethylene Glycol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Ethylene TrichlorideNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Rated
FluorineRecommendedNot RatedRecommended
Formaldehyde, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Formalin SolutionNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Formic Acid, 95%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Freon TF, 99%Not RecommendedLimited UseLimited Use
Furfural, 99%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Gasoline, 100%Not RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
HeptaneNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Hexamethyldisilazine, 97%RecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
Hexane, 99%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Hydraulic Fluid- Ester BasedNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Hydraulic Fluid-Petrol BasedNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Hydrazine, 65%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Hydrochloric Acid, 38%RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Hydrofluoric Acid, 48%RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Hydrogen Peroxide, 30%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
HydroquinoneRecommendedLimited UseRecommended
Iso-Octane, 99%Limited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
Isobutyl Alcohol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
IsopropanolNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Isopropyl BenzeneNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Kerosene, 100%Limited UseRecommendedLimited Use
Lactic Acid, 85%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Lauric Acid, 36%Limited UseRecommendedLimited Use
Linoleic AcidNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Linseed OilNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Maleic Acid, 100%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
MethanolNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Methyl AcetateNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Rated
Methyl Alcohol, 99.9%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Methyl Cellosolve, 99%Limited UseLimited UseNot Recommended
Methyl ChlorideNot RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Methyl Ethyl Ketone, 99%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Methyl Isobutyl KetoneLimited UseNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Methyl MethacrylateRecommendedLimited UseNot Recommended
Methyl-Butyl Ether, 99.8%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
Methyl-T-Butyl EtherNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Methylamine, 40%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Methylene ChlorideLimited UseRecommendedLimited Use
Mineral OilNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Mineral Spirits, 100%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Monoethanolamine, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Morpholine, 99%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Muriatic Acid, 100%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
N,N-Dimethyl Formamide, 99%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Recommended
N-Methyl-2 Pyrrolidone, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Rated
Naphtha VM&P, 100%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
NaphthaleneLimited UseRecommendedLimited Use
Nitric Acid, 10%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Nitric Acid, 70%Not RecommendedNot RecommendedLimited Use
Nitrobenzene, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Nitromethane, 95.5%Not RecommendedLimited UseNot Recommended
Nitropropane, 95.5%RecommendedNot RecommendedNot Rated
Octyl Alcohol, 99%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Oleic Acid, 99%Limited UseRecommendedRecommended
Oxalic Acid, 12.5%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Paint RemoverLimited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
Palmitic Acid, Sat.RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Pentachlorophenol, 35%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Rated
Pentane, 98%Not RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Perchloric Acid, 60%Limited UseRecommendedLimited Use
PerchloroethyleneNot RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Perholffeum EtherNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Phenol, 90%Limited UseLimited UseLimited Use
Phosphoric Acid, 85%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Picric AcidRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Potassium Hydroxide, 50%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Printing InkRecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Propyl Acetate, 99%Limited UseLimited UseNot Recommended
Propyl Alcohol, 96%RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Propylene OxideNot RecommendedNot RatedNot Rated
Pyridine, 99%Limited UseNot RecommendedNot Rated
Rubber Solvent, 100%Not RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Rule SolventNot RatedRecommendedNot Rated
Sodium Hydroxide, 50%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Sodium HypochloriteRecommendedLimited UseRecommended
Stoddard Solvent, 99%Not RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommended
Sulfuric Acid, 95%RecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
Tannic Acid, 37.5%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Tetrachloroethylene, 100%Not RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommended
Toluene Di-IsocyanateNot RecommendedNot RatedNot Recommended
Toluene, 99%Not RecommendedLimited UseNot Recommended
TrichloroethyleneLimited UseRecommendedNot Recommended
Tricresyl Phosphate, 90%Not RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Triethanolamine, 85%RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Tung OilNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Turbine OilNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
Turpentine, 100%Limited UseRecommendedLimited Use
Vegetable OilNot RecommendedRecommendedLimited Use
XyleneNot RecommendedLimited UseNot Recommended

Customer Service Informationback to top

Questions or concerns? Contact our customer service team at 1-800-274-7354 or customerservice@ammex.com. For returns, contact our return center at returns@ammex.com to secure a Return Authorization Number.

FAQback to top

I want to become an AMMEX distributor, whom do I contact?

Sign up to be an AMMEX Distributor or call 1-800-274-7354, and speak with our Customer Service Team. We will guide you step by step through the process.

What is the process for becoming an AMMEX distributor?

An AMMEX representative will contact you to discuss the following – your product needs, AMMEX’s industry leading marketing program, pricing, terms, credit application, and how to get started.

What are the benefits of becoming an AMMEX distributor?

AMMEX distributors grow their gloves sales an average of 31% annually. In addition, AMMEX carries the widest variety of disposable glove products to meet your customer needs. Ask your representative about the AMMEX on demand marketing program to grow your glove sales.

As an AMMEX distributor, will I have a dedicated account representative?

Yes, in addition to your dedicated account representative, you have access to our customer service team 6:00 AM – 4:30 PM Pacific Time.

What are the AMMEX core values?

The foundation of AMMEX’s success is built upon these key principles: We are aggressive in pursuing opportunities. We are consistent in our products and processes. We are approachable and a pleasure to do business with. Simple is good.

What is your fill rate and accuracy?

Our fill rate is 99.6% and our accuracy rate is 99.8%.

I am a current AMMEX distributor; who do I contact for support?

Contact your sales representative or our customer service team at (800) 274-7354.

Where can I buy AMMEX products?

Contact our customer service team at (800) 274-7354 for general AMMEX product inquiries.

Does AMMEX create private-label gloves or PPE products for clients?

From selecting the right products to determining optimal shipping arrangements, AMMEX can help you every step of the way with your private-label inquiry. Need design, branding, and marketing assistance? We can do that, too. Significant minimum-quantity standards and purchase requirements apply. Contact us to learn more.