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Food Processing

It starts with gloves

Impeccable hygiene is everything in food processing. AMMEX offers disposable gloves—in nitrile, latex, and vinyl—that can help prevent cross contamination spread by food-borne pathogens.

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Take nothing for granted

Those who process and package our food have an enormous responsibility. One seemingly minor slipup can let loose pathogens capable of causing an epidemic of food-borne illness, negatively affecting the health of hundreds if not thousands. Because such outbreaks are relatively rare, we tend to take for granted the safety of our processed foods. That feeling of complacence, however, comes only because of diligent compliance. Safety now avoids catastrophe later.

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Material evidence

A variety of gloves are suited for food processing. Vinyl is an economical choice, especially for tasks that require frequent glove changes. Our blue vinyl gloves are designed with food processing in mind—if a tiny bit of glove should become detached, it is easily seen before it ends up in the product. Latex offers superb fit and comfort. And Gloveworks® HD Royal Blue Nitrile gloves, with raised diamond texture for an excellent grip, including protect against cross-contamination, while anti-microbial vinyl adds an extra dimension of safety.

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