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Sunny side up!

AMMEX nitrile, latex, vinyl, and poly gloves are key ingredients in any food service operation. They deliver excellent protection against food-borne pathogens that, combined with thoughtful hygiene practices, help prevent cross contamination. AMMEX can show you how to add gloves to your ancillary offerings and enjoy bountiful sales!

Learn which gloves are best for the food service industry.

Kitchen help

You may not give a second thought to the people who roll out your pizza dough, spoon on the sauce, and carefully arrange your choice of toppings. With every aspect of the pizza-making mission, though, they are providing you a vital service: ensuring the food you eat is free of pathogens that can cause widespread illness. Their attention to detail with hygiene is all in your best interest. So the next time you order a pizza, give a silent thought of thanks for your pizza maker—and his or her disposable gloves.

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And wash your hands

In food service, glove changes are frequent. Your best value is always going to be polyethylene gloves, which are tailor made for light-duty tasks, including working with food. Our poly gloves come in sleeves of 100 or boxes of 500 to fit the needs of your operation. Vinyl is also an excellent choice, especially our Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves. These powder-free, latex-free gloves utilize anti-microbial AMS Technology®, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

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