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Foundation of greatness

Gloveworks® HD is a captain of industry! These heavy-duty gloves are extra thick to protect hands from harsh chemicals, and their raised diamond texture channels away liquids for a fantastic grip. Let us help you build a solid glove lineup!

Learn which gloves are best for the industrial application.

Safety is job one

Working with tools and machinery is never an easy job. Hands can take a beating, both from sharp edges and harsh chemicals. It doesn’t matter whether the space where you ply your trade is a giant factory that mass-produces widgets or a tiny spare room where you lovingly craft individual bars of soap: We all need protection sometimes. Industrial workers make the products that we use day-in, day-out, and often can’t live without. Keeping them safe keeps the wheels of commerce humming along.

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Never settle for inferior

Not all disposable gloves are created equal. Industrial applications require top-of-the-line, heavy-duty nitrile or latex gloves, designed and manufactured for pros who need first-rate protection. AMMEX Gloveworks® HD gloves are made from nitrile, so they deliver excellent barrier protection, especially from petroleum-based chemicals — and they’re three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves. Their raised diamond texture channels away liquids for the best grip in the industry.

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