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Janitorial & Sanitation

Make it sparkle

AMMEX Gloveworks®, GlovePlus®, Xtreme®, and X3® disposable gloves are vital to any sanitation operation. Whether nitrile, latex, or vinyl, they provide excellent protection for wiping out pathogens or dealing with harsh cleaning chemicals.

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Clean living

Every business needs a jan/san operation, whether it’s in-house or contracted out. Keeping our work spaces clean and sanitized is important to success, because nobody wants to spend time in an unclean environment. It’s more than a purely aesthetic choice, of course; there are always health-related concerns as well. But thank goodness for our intrepid jan/san workers, who too rarely get the credit they deserve for keeping the business world running smoothly—and cleanly.

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The right materials

How do you know your gloves are right for you? That’s easy: fit and feel. Latex offers the best, while nitrile is mighty fine. Prefer a loose fit? Vinyl may be your thing. If you want strength, nitrile is highly puncture resistant and protects well against petroleum-based substances. If economy is a concern, vinyl is not only a great bargain but also highly versatile.

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