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AMMEX String Knit Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

AMMEX String Knit Gloves are a versatile, economical fit for countless applications: food operations, grocery stores, warehouse, landscaping, inspections, shipping/receiving, agricultural, and many more. 70% cotton and 30% polyester, also popular as a liner for heavy-duty gloves. Sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in small or large.
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AMMEX String Knit Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

Anyone who’s ever had to fix a frozen pipe that broke can appreciate the usefulness of AMMEX String Knit Gloves.

When you go to do repairs, you want a good nitrile or latex disposable glove on the outside to keep your hands dry and provide a dependable grip. Problem is, those don’t give you much protection from the cold, and if you’re outside in the winter you want all the layers you can get.

That’s where AMMEX String Knit Gloves are perfect. As a liner for our disposable gloves, they provide not only warmth but also extra protection for your hands.
These economical gloves have countless applications in the workplace and the home.

Among the most widely used gloves in the market, they are 70% cotton and 30% polyester, which makes for superior ventilation. They protect your hands from abrasion and minor cuts. Their seamless construction allows full freedom of movement.

Because the fabric stretches to conform to the contour of your hand, they provide a snug but comfortable fit, helped by the stretch cuff that also keeps debris out of the gloves. They have excellent dexterity as well as good tactile sensitivity.

They are also popular in refrigerated food operations, grocery stores, assembly, warehouse, general industrial work, general maintenance, landscaping, inspections, material and parts handling, construction, house cleaning, agricultural, and shipping/receiving.

AMMEX String Knit Gloves are sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in sizes small or large. They are made with FDA-accepted materials for use in food handling and processing, and are machine washable.

You don’t have to be a plumber to appreciate the many uses for AMMEX String Knit Gloves. But the next time you need a glove liner—or a good general-purpose work glove—you know who’s got you covered.

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