Sales Support Beta

A set of tools to help your customers buy the right disposable gloves and grow your glove sales. Of course, our Customer Service and Sales teams are always available to deliver in-person support, but our aim is to provide a self-service program that is accessible to all our distributors on-demand.

Glove Size Chart
Help your customers find the right glove size.
Chemical Chart
Find the right glove by chemical resistance.
Glove Chart template

Example template of your glove lineup.

Glove Flyer templates
Flyer templates to make your sales presentation easy and professional.
Top product Flyers
Ready-to-go flyers for best-selling products.
Over the past 30 years, AMMEX developed a set of tools designed to help distributors work with their customers to choose the right glove for the job, every time. These simple and straightforward tools allow distributors that may only have limited resources to focus on glove sales to identify the right fit, and align chemical resistance, thickness, and marketing materials with customer needs. When combined with an effective sample placement, this program, Sales Acceleration Solutions (SAS), has proven to grow disposable gloves sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Need Product Samples?

Visit the Samples section of our Portal to request samples of our top products.