Why work with us?

Over 30+ years we have perfected the tools and programs to enable our partners to grow disposable glove revenue.

The value of our program is simple and straightforward.
We help your organization grow by enabling you to
sell more disposable gloves to your customers.

Why work with AMMEX

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High-performance, high-margin products

We enable you to unlock high-growth opportunities within your account base using our high-margin disposable gloves.

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Effective sales and marketing support

We offer you unlimited samples, expert training materials, digital marketing assets, and systematic guides on how to successfully launch our disposable gloves program.

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Access to glove experts

If you or your customers ever have questions related to disposable gloves, we support you with on-demand one-on-one consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AMMEX different from other disposable glove providers?

As the leading independent distributor of disposable gloves, we focus on enabling all of our customers, from large distributors to small independent hardware stores, through direct and personal service. We provide 1-on-1 support, unlimited samples, and precise guidance on how to generate more business from disposable gloves.

How does AMMEX support distributors?

Over 30-plus years of working with distributors of all sizes, we have perfected a simple and effective way to help distributors generate more business from their existing accounts as well as help them open new opportunities. We provide marketing materials and support, and will continue to serve as a trusted resource on anything related to disposable gloves. Talk to us about your glove questions today.

I am a retailer, How will AMMEX help me generate more revenue?

We work with thousands of independent retail stores and have perfected ways to help locations of all sizes maximize their revenue per square foot. Most retail locations feature hundreds of items that require disposable gloves. We provide guidance on the right product mix, pricing, sample materials, and inventory management. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

How can I be sure that my customer likes your gloves and that I am not stuck with inventory?

We guarantee that our disposable gloves will sell, or we’ll buy back any remaining inventory from your first order within 90 days (terms apply). Our buyback program takes all of the risk out of working with us, offering a 100% money-back guarantee, (terms apply). Talk to one of our reps today!

What are your prices for disposable gloves?

As a leading independent distributor, we offer unrivaled flexibility in providing value with the most competitive pricing to our customer, along with superior customer service and marketing support. Our distributors and independent retailers are able to concisely generate 30-60% margins, and disposable gloves routinely become the top drivers of their top-line revenue.
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How do I become an AMMEX distributor?

Sign up here or call 1-800-274-7354 and speak with our representatives. We will guide you through the process and discuss your product needs, our marketing and sales support program, pricing, terms, credit application, and how to
get started.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Fill out the form so an AMMEX rep can contact you.

We set you up as an AMMEX distributor.

We email you our marketing support launch kit.

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