Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl is a capable material which can be a suitable alternative to nitrile for light applications, offering a lineup of latex-free gloves in exam and industrial grades.

Another option your customers may want to try is stretch synthetics
A latex-free blend of elastomers and vinyl with terrific fit and feel.
They feature high tactile sensitivity
and enhanced resistance to punctures and chemicals.


Auto Detailing

Don’t be afraid to dive in and make that vehicle sparkle. Yes, the hubcaps too!

Plumbing and Painting

With vinyl gloves from AMMEX, you’re prepared for any mess that can come your way.

Beauty and Salon

Whether doing manicures and pedicures or coloring hair, your hands are safe.

Food Processing
Vinyl gloves can help prevent cross-contamination. The last thing you want to worry about in a busy kitchen is whether germs are under control. Vinyl gloves also protect hands against harsh cleaning chemicals, so you can scrub with gusto.
Janitorial and Sanitation
Sanitizing surfaces is a crucial part of combating the pandemic, and we rely on our cleaning crews every day to keep us safe. From mopping floors to wiping down countertops to handling trash, vinyl gloves will get the job done, time and time again.

Disposable gloves will remain in high demand and short supply for some time.
Right now, vinyl is your best solution. It is free of allergens, offers good dexterity,
and is a suitable alternative to nitrile for light applications.

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