We help our customers buy the right disposable glove for the job and effectively reduce risk with expert services and tools.


Since 1988, we have been helping our clients with all aspects of global procurement, supply chain, and operations to ensure quality and efficiency.
Service and Support
Customer-focused Sales and Account Services teams that deliver expert-driven commercial programs tailored to our customers’ needs.
Boots-on-the-ground teams provide 100% inspections that ensure product consistency and operational process visibility.
Optimized sourcing via entrenched factory relationships, on-the-ground presence and industry expertise across SE Asia and China that ensure availability.
Commitment to ethical sourcing that meets and exceeds compliance standards and expectations.
Communication, clarity and consistency on lead times, cost, product availability, and operations that enable predictable, confident decisions.
Flexibility and Speed
On-demand adjustments to market and customer needs that create competitive advantage.
We support clients as a reliable partner with a complete product lineup, redundant sourcing, consistent quality, predictable logistics, and outstanding service.

Disposable Glove Market Segments

Food Service
Janitorial and Sanitation
Uniform and Linen

AMMEX® is the leading supplier of gloves with
Raised Diamond Texture

Disposable gloves with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) feature 60% more surface area to channel away liquids for increased grip and performance.

Download our whitepaper and learn why users love gloves with Raised Diamond Texture.

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