Thousands of organizations, from small distributors and retailers to Fortune 500 businesses, in a variety of industries, deploy our tools and programs to help customers buy disposable gloves.

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Our Commitment

Consistent Quality Control And Assurance Processes
Our disposable gloves are manufactured in the ISO-certified manufacturing facilities – meeting a high level of manufacturing standard in the process – and undergo regular inspections at each factory before shipment. All AMMEX products meet or exceed ASTM quality standards and are produced utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices. Each lot of disposable gloves meets the designated Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standards depending on the grade of the glove (exam or industrial). Our designated inspectors (AMMEX employees) routinely inspect each shipment on location before shipment and at the warehouse after delivery. AMMEX requires all of our vendors to adhere to high standards of ethical business practices and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern manufacturing facilities in their jurisdiction.
High Regulatory Compliance Standards​

Disposable gloves manufactured for AMMEX meet and exceed all published compliance standards and registration requirements. All AMMEX glove products are manufactured in FDA inspected registered facilities. The USDA regulates glove material components only. The component materials used in all AMMEX gloves and protective coverings comply with CFR 170-199 for food contact.

The FDA regulates medical grade exam gloves. The FDA inspects facilities and randomly samples shipments. All exam grade disposable gloves produced for AMMEX are registered with the FDA and meet the required ASTM standards as tested by an ISO-certified 3rd party laboratory.

All AMMEX products do not violate any provisions under California’s Proposition 65 within the current Prop 65 chemical listings as of today’s date and therefore do not require any California Prop 65 warnings.

Dedicated To Supply Chain Excellence

Over three decades in the disposable glove business AMMEX has built up a network of reliable manufacturing partners that enable the development of unique products at speed.  Dozens of production facilities allow AMMEX to respond to market conditions quickly and help ensure satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Our dedicated supply chain and sourcing teams work around the clock across locations in the US, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and China to support the movement of thousands of containers per year.  Our supply chain and customer service teams actively assist thousands of clients from Fortune 500 and private label operators to small, family-sized distributors.

AMMEX maintains fulfillment facilities across 7 locations in the US, Canada, China, and the EU that allow for effective and efficient support for an extensive range of distributor and customer channels – from ecommerce and retail to managed inventory and drop shipment arrangements.

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Our Core Values

  • Simplify

    We believe that simple is good.

  • Aim High and Deliver

    We set big goals and execute.

  • Adapt

    We adapt to succeed.

  • Grow and Improve​

    We grow and improve everyday.

  • Be a Partner​

    We are a partner to clients, vendors and team members.

  • Be an Owner​

    Own it!

Our Story

From a one-man operation in a basement office in Bellevue, Washington to 275-plus team members in 10 cities worldwide, AMMEX has become a global leader in products that enhance health, hygiene, and safety across a wide spectrum of industries.

In 1988, Fred Crosetto was a couple of years out of the University of Washington, an international business graduate who spent time right after school living in Asia. He started a company to address what he saw as a developing worldwide demand for barrier protection and infection control products at a time when the only two places one could sell were dental and medical environments.


AMMEX Corporation was founded.


Established warehouses on both United States coasts.


The company entered the market in China.


AMMEX established offices in Southeast Asia.


Reached an end user base of 1,000 customers.


Strengthened the business by beginning retail distribution.


AMMEX experienced rapid growth as we began to sell online.

Developed the Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) glove category.


Sold to over 1,500 customers.


Onboarded new leadership team – CTO, CFO, CMO and SVP of Operations.


Continued growth across all channels - retail, distributors, and online.

Launched online distributor portal featuring products, tools, and resources.

Our Brands

Ready to Grow Your Revenue with Disposable Gloves?